"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."- Mahatma Gandhi Memories are sweet, cherish it. Face your fears. Break all the rules. They're meant to be broken. Do something you're afraid to. You only live once. Life is short, live it.

Show Your True Colours

A nice, personal writing pad for your thoughts 'n stuff

Yeahhh!! Signed up. Work hard & train hard!

Mountains route in Bembibre

The video I waited for since Thurs came out today. Fking yesss!! Love me some Brunooo & the boys xoxo @brunomars @thekingjay @code10red @thekingjay @jamareoartis @epandagram @theryankeomaka

Study study study!

Remember this everyday!

Morning runs. Finding new trails. Beautiful views. Motivation. Kickstart to my day.

Small caf├ęs near the castle. Representing a bit of old with new. #loveit #history #ponferrada

ohh reminds me of so many movies, plays & historical facts #history #school

Iglesia behind the castle

Templum Libri Ponferrada #history